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Sunday, March 16, 2014  "Sunday-Fun-Day" ??

Let's face it, there is nothing more fun than getting dirty; #jobs, #gotwork, #blackboogers, #dirtygear





Friday, March 14, 2014  The most important six inches on the fire ground
General James Mattis, USMC (Ret.) would have made one hell of a fire chief if he had so chosen. Revered by fighters from private to four stars and probably disliked as much by those less aggressive, the forty-one year veteran was a lead from the front commander who went out with patrols and got blood on his boots as a General. His radio sign—“Chaos.” His command philosophies included sincere concern for those he was tasked to protect and liberate and a consummate scorn for our countries enemies.
Highly quotable, many of his pronouncements in the area of leadership and others are applicable to the fire service. With just a few paraphrasing liberties, here are some of my favorites. 
“I don’t lose any sleep at night over the potential for failure. I cannot even spell the word.” 
“Fight with a happy heart and a strong spirit.”
“You cannot allow any of your people to avoid the brutal facts. If they start living in a dream world, it’s going to be bad.” 
“Powerpoint makes us stupid.” 
And if you remember none of the others, keep in mind the most valuable one.
“The most important six inches on the [fire ground] is between…your ears.”
Gary Ryman
Author of Fire Men: Stories From Three Generations of a Firefighting Family




Friday, March 14, 2014  Last night around 2345 hours Dauphin County 911 started receiving numerous calls for Box 55-2 601 Second St. Reports were coming in saying this would be a well involved house fire. Chief 55-1 then arrived on scene with fire from the rear of the house. Engine 55 had their own water across from the address and established a water supply for Truck 50. Truck 50 arrived and went in service on side Delta, laddered the building and opened the roof.


Engine 49’s crew led off with a transitional attack and went interior after darkening it down from the outside. Crew’s worked this job for a few hours before taking up, no civilian injuries were reported and one Firefighter was checked out for a fall.


Units: Highspire (55) Middletown (88) Lower Swatara (59) Steelton (50) Bressler (41) Swatara (49) Chambers Hill (456) and Paxtang (40)


Photo credit and check out Hevel Photos for additional images https://www.facebook.com/HevelPhotos

Additional images at http://www.capitalcityfirephotos.com/Other-1/31314-Highspire-Borough-PA/37687976_sKX4Gb#!i=3121523136&k=FK5s6n2  




Thursday, March 13, 2014  Today around 1600 hours units from Colonial Park (33), Paxtonia (34) and Linglestown (35) were dispatched to King George Drive in the 33-1 box in Dauphin County, PA for a reported apartment building on fire. Chief 33 (Swank) went enroute, seeing a column from his vantage he requested that county fill out the first alarm assignment. The first alarm assignment brought in Progress (32) and Paxtang (40). Chief 33 arrived and reported smoke showing from a two story garden style apartment and what it sounded to be an unruly crowd. Engine and Truck 33 then arrived; Engine 33 had their own water and stretched while Truck 33 began to throw ladders.


Engine 34 then arrived shortly after and their crew began a primary search. As E-34’s crew was entering the structure Firefighter Cerzullo a 3rd generation Paxtonia firefighter overheard a frantic civilian scream that their dog was still inside. Cerzullo went to his training; he began to search the hot spots after his initial sweeps came up negative. Under the bed, nope, behind the doors, nope, in the bath tub, YES! Cerzy now has the lifeless, limp dog on the front yard with his SCBA mask over his face and still nothing. Chief Leidy, chauffeur of Engine 33 sees this and quickly gets the K-9 resuscitation kit and oxygen bottle.


After a few minutes of delivering the concentrated oxygen with the specialized K-9 equipment that E-33 carries the dog begins to show signs of life. The dog was then turned over to South Central EMS and transported to a local animal hospital. Firefighters Keiser and Cerzullo even did a follow up with Aubry the 5 year old lab/pit mix at the hospital!


Aubry is now back with his family after making a full recovery due to the quick teamwork of the 82nd Fire Battalion of Lower Paxton Township, Dauphin County – PA!


Give Paxtonia a “like” on their facebook and check back to see a visit by Aubry at the Tillerhouse! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paxtonia-34-Fire-Company/101871186533443?ref=br_tf


Give Colonial Park Station 33 a “like” too for going above and beyond by purchasing K-9 resuscitation equipment! https://www.facebook.com/southside33




Firefighter Cerzullo on the left, Firefighter Keiser on the right!

Firefighter Cerzullo on the left,
      Firefighter Keiser on the right!



Thursday, March 13, 2014  Question for our viewers.......

Is a Truck Company effective WITHOUT having a 35' ground ladder on it?

Here is a quick rule of thumb; 35 foot ladder, a 4 comes between 3 and 5, 3(4)5 so a 35' ladder is needed to make a rescue from a 4th floor window!

24 foot ladder, same thing 3 comes between 2 and 4, 2(3)4 so a 24' ladder is needed to make a rescue from a 3rd floor window!

To give your input visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/CentralPABravestcom/190508730992035





Thursday, March 13, 2014 



Today we travel back in time to 1987 in Swatara Township, Dauphin County for two major events.


The first was a reported odor of gas in a structure in the Lawnton area of the township in Company 44’s first due. As crews were investigating on the interior it was reported that the building exploded as crews cut power to the building. The building was leveled and miraculously no Fireman were seriously injured. Crew’s pulled several of them out of the rubble after being confined to the basement area.


If anyone could help out with info on the image of Truck 456’s crew working on the grain bin that would be appreciated...






Thursday, March 13, 2014  When the Irish and Scottish immigrated to this country following the great potato famine, they brought many of their traditions with them. Work for these immigrants was often very difficult to find. Factories and shops displayed signs reading "NINA" meaning No Irish Need Apply. The only jobs they could get were the civil service jobs that were dirty, dangerous or both -- firefighters and police officers -- jobs that no one else wanted.

Irish-American firefighters began affixing images of the shamrock to their apparatus and their person not only as a display of Irish-American pride, but also as an inconspicuous message to their fellow Irishmen advertising that the fire service is a place that can't discriminate against them.

Today, by tradition, most truck companies have a shamrock somewhere in their logo, on their apparatus, or on their helmet. Irish-American firefighters usually display a shamrock somewhere on their gear, as well, to channel the "luck of the Irish".

All Fireman are Irish this weekend but with that being said, be safe and get a ride home from your live-ins or find a damn DD, don't be stupid! 




All Fireman are Irish this weekend, ENJOY!



Wednesday, March 12, 2014  How bad do you “Want-It” Wednesday!

Ok kids here is the deal, a lot of you guys want to be career firefighters for a living right?

“Best job in the world”, right?

Yes, of course it is; “You will never work another day in your life if you love your job”, right?

Wait a minute it’s not that easy and I see a trend out there in the past few generations of kids let’s just say, 18-25. Damn that is a reality check saying that cause I will be 40 in September. Anyway, this group of kids and not all of course but a lot feel they should be catered to or given everything on a silver platter, wait I heard that before too. Perhaps it’s all kids that age, regardless what is the point? Point is just this simple…

• Get a job and keep it, you will need to build a track record of what you did the past five years.
• Don’t get a DUI, underage drinking charge and don’t smoke that joint because “it’s only in your system 30 days”, they can check your hair too and that can go WAY BACK!
• Enroll in college and knock a degree out for promotion, I wish I had done this when life was care free and easy!
• Knock out all of your major fire certs and EMT/MEDIC ahead of time, again while life is care free and easy!
• Did I say MEDIC, yes that’s right kids I said the M word! The writing is on the wall and not spelled in French this time. Most places hire only medics and in ten years I strongly believe that will be the only case in these large metropolitan departments.
• STAY OUT OF TROUBLE, your reputation follows you longer than any charge given by the police can.
• Did I mention getting a job and keeping it more than 3 months?
• Get in shape and STAY in shape, you’re a firefighter already so stay committed you never known when a CPAT will show up in your busy schedule!





Tuesday, March 11, 2014  As many of you have seen already, this site has not been infected by the new social super-virus called political correctness, “PC” for short and it will not. This site was inspired and created by the need for recruitment, retention and just... plain old love for the fire service.

We share the good and sometimes when needed, the bad of the local fire service. We are not out for 500,000 “likes” and we will not sell our souls and beliefs to “PC” by dancing around sensitive subjects like most other fire sites do for political gain or sponsors.

With that being said and if we accidently offend you we wrote you this poem…

“If your skin is thin and temper is short and you clicked “like” on this CentralPABravest port know for sure our love is pure but don’t forget we live by a saying on a special firehouse door. All firehouses have revolving names due to the intensity of the game. A few stick around only after years of being honed and beat to the ground. When you are down and forgot why you came just remind yourself there is still no better rush that gives Fireman their fame”

When you are down and out remember why you actually started this crazy opinionated business we call the fire service in the first place; going to fires and saving lives and remember…

“It’s just business, it’s nothing personal”





25 seconds from street clothes to full PPE!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014  This has gone to a whole new level, 25 seconds from street clothes to FULL PPE........... WOW!! 



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