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Saturday, May 17, 2014  If you're in town this evening for the Fire Expo stop by the Progress Fire Company.

They are having their annual Expo Bash fundraiser, stop by for a beer and help support a great company provide the best fire protection possible!!

Progress Fire Company

3440 Maple Street, Harrisburg PA





Watch Lineman Nate Martin "Do-It"

Friday, May 16, 2014  Some action packed engine company helmet camera footage from the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire.

Featuring - Lineman Nate Martin off of Wagon 4 doing what he does, "it".




Friday, May 16, 2014  Does this sound familiar, could this be here in PA?......... "systemic deficiency in ... training and preparation."  

Take a quick read and see if your company can relate to this systemic deficiency in training and preparation.






Thursday, May 15, 2014  How politicians view us: Look at these lazy union thugs let's cut their pay and steal their pensions, they don't do anything dangerous they just play checkers, joke at the kitchen table and drink coffee.


What Firefighters do: After pay cuts and reduced pensions we still risk it ALL to save lives and property of complete strangers!


Check out this video of our Brothers and Sisters directly in harm’s way.......








Thursday, May 15, 2014  “Throw-Back-Thursday”

This particular throw-back is a personal lesson learned that all of our Firefighter/EMT followers that work EMS part time, full time or are career Firefighters in an EMS based Fire Department can learn and take something from.

For all of CentralPABravest’s fans that chose on their own to be that much more dedicated and professional by getting their EMT certification, well done!

Ok, to start off this was roughly 10 years ago at a part time EMS job in the suburbs of a city. I was working on a “MICU” EMS unit which consists of one EMT and one Paramedic that switch on and off depending on the level of care the patients need.

This particular call was a massive lesson learned for myself and in my opinion it was one of two piss poor cultures that some providers consistently had where I worked EMS. I cannot speak for these “cultures” now but I am sure it still exists in some providers. So what are these “cultures” I am speaking of you’re wondering? I will explain the second one later, the first “culture” is trying to get out of calls; not wanting to write a trip sheet so let me downgrade at any inkling of a BLS symptom, how can I convince the PT to refuse instead of to go to the hospital and let’s see how long we can hide in the ER or not go available after the call to avoid another call pending.

OK, let’s get back to some specifics of this particular incident

• Chief Complaint – difficulty breathing
• History – chronic lung issues
• General Impression – Head down on a table, on home O2 and looked “sick”

After hearing and seeing this which roughly took a few seconds I told our ride along to put the PT on a non-rebreather at 15 lpm and I would be back with the litter. In my mind there wasn’t a shadow of a doubt this PT was going with us to a local Emergency Room. Looking back what confirms my thoughts the PT was 100% going and 100% sick was the obstacles that I had to drag this litter through their house to get to the kitchen. If this person wasn’t sick I can assure you they were going to walk to the front door!

Instantly on my arrival back with the litter I felt doubt in my opinion, the PT was not on our non-rebreather and I was told to stand down. “Damn, I blew that one I thought to myself.” Details at this point are not clear but the reasons for the Paramedics change in plans were because of two irrelevant words in my opinion, “DIRECT ADMIT” which simply means a family DR called ahead to the hospital and they can go directly to a room and bypass the ER, which in my opinion makes the call that much quicker and easier. For the next hour or so the focus was no longer PT care it was let’s make several calls on a secondary means for transportation to a local hospital other than our ambulance sitting right out front. This wait from what I remember was quite exhausting and time consuming but from how I was raised, (the second “culture”) the medic was always right and you did not question their judgment, ever. Long story short, the next day we learned the PT died shortly after we left.

I felt terrible over this call and thought for certain I would end up in court even though a refusal was signed. The BLS side of this crew had no repercussions or disciplinary actions on them for the record.

Looking back now, I should have done many things to change the outcome of this call and PT. I would have done a lot different today placed in the same scenario. I would have simply but discreetly pulled the Paramedic aside and said; “this is now my call, my PT and I will ride them in, let’s just load and go.”


• Take everyone to the hospital, they called 911 for a reason; you’ll most likely be back later if you don’t or worse!

• DO NOT be afraid to use “crew resource management” and give your opinion or advise on something you see that the medic might not!

• We are not Doctors, let them make the decision that the PT can stay home!

• People call 911 for anything and everything, yes it can be ridiculous, get used to it and if they want to go to the hospital, TAKE THEM!

• You cannot hide in a busy area, if you get a refusal you’ll end up on another call anyway!

• If your partner is being lazy and you feel the PT should go, simply but discreetly take over the call and ride the PT in. A few words on a chart are far better than losing your EMT license, job or worse!

• The time it takes to fiddle around him-hawing back and forth to get a refusal is long enough in some cases to be at the ER already.

• Make your question this; “Which hospital do you want to go to” instead of “Do you want to go to the hospital”

In closing for all the “nay-sayers” of EMS in the Fire Department; the Fire Department’s primary goal is life safety, right? So for all you self-proclaimed “Salty Fireman” with your hero handle bar mustaches that chose not to step up and get a simple lifesaving EMT certification; step aside so that Firefighter/EMT can take his face piece off and finish the job in the front yard. Dropping the PT and running back in to hook ceilings is not saving lives in my opinion.





Thursday, May 15, 2014  If you haven't already, give Leatherhead Mafia a "LIKE", they have some really good Fire Service media and a huge following.

Brothers and Sisters at "The Mafia" thanks for sharing our story; "SAVE THE FRONT LINE LEATHERS!"






Tuesday, May 13, 2014  “Bomberos-without-Borders”

This is just a cool image of automatic aide between two counties in Maryland today. Frederick County Firefighters on the left side of the board and Montgomery County Firefighters on the right.

The closest units respond for the betterment of the public’s safety, period!





Tuesday, May 13, 2014  When you call your fire photo shoot short because you're afraid of your car getting stolen.

Got the shifty eye from a friendly group of upstanding citizens as I walked away to shoot the Cameron Street JOB yesterday evening.

~Ghetto Fire Photographer Problems~






Tuesday, May 13, 2014  Saw this drone flying around the fire scene yesterday, someone has gone to a whole new level!

Anyone want to donate a drone to www.CentralPABravest.com??? Thanks in advance!

All inquiries can be sent to Miles3430@aol.com





Monday, May 12, 2014  Lieutenant Ross from Truck Company 34 in Lower Paxton Township heard it was amateur night at Savannah's Strip Club today....

You got our vote LT, that is a sexy Tiller and pose!




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