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Monday, January 27, 2014  On Saturday January 25th at 1634 as Burtonsville Rescue Squad 715 was returning from a box truck fire on Cherry Hill Road the Rescue Squad officer (MFF Ryman) noticed a smoke condition in the area of townhome complex just blocks away. As they were getting turned around Engine 841 and Ambulance 715 were dispatched to an unknown emergency that was also just a few blocks away at 12160 Sweet Clover Drive, Box 15-29. The Rescue Squad now pulling on scene and getting ready to make the radio transmission to upgrade this address from an unknown emergency to a house fire on 7-Alpha (dispatch) the box was dropped.


After the verbal for the box was finished Rescue Squad 715 advised they were on scene with a working fire in the middle of a row of town-homes and to start the 2nd alarm. Upon initial interviews of bystanders a report of people trapped was also transmitted and Rescue Squad 715 began a primary search to the best of their efforts despite a well involved basement and fire running all three floors of the Charlie side exterior wall, seconds from being extended into the floors.


Medic 715 (Weber) also only blocks away attempting to get dinner was quick to arrive with PE841 who was now arriving due to the initial dispatch of closest apparatus for the unknown emergency. PE841 was now stretching attack lines and getting into position to protect the search by RS715. PE715 (Capt Heflin) was now pulling up and secured the water source, stretched their 300’ 2” line and began an attack on the fire with PE841’s crew. Truck 715 (MFF Davidson) arrived and set up on the alpha side and also placed portable ladders on the alpha side along with two men making entry to support the engine companies. Tower 724 (Capt Dominick) and Medic 715 laddered the Charlie side exposures and also confirmed heavy fire conditions through all floors and making its way into the attic. Ambulance 715's set up an aide station at Medic 715's location and then set up inside MAB 726.


With the first floor burnt away and collapsing, heavy fire conditions now throughout all floors and into the attic the incident commander, Battalion Chief 701 (Carrigan) evacuated the main fire building. Orders were then given to the first and second in engine chauffeurs to move heavy lines to defensively attack the main fire building while crews work the D1 and B1 exposures offensively. PE724 (LT ward) then entered the Delta 1 exposure, made their way to the rear and darkened down the bulk of the fire showing in the main fire building, charlie side from a rear deck.


PE712 (LT Tomassoni), Rescue Squad 814 and Medic 715 took position on the alpha side as the Rapid Intervention Group. PE716 (Capt DeVries) and his crew took the charlie side with Tower 724. With the fire now darkened down command resumed the offensive attack and crews from the original and 2nd alarm re-entered the main fire building carefully in the original fire building and from access points on the delta and bravo exposures due to the floors integrity being weakened and sagging. The fire was now through the roof, this was taken care of with a coordinated attack from the roof due to limited access on the interior. Crews worked this job for several hours with extensive overhaul and salvage before returning to service. Fire damage was held to the unit of origin by the coordinated efforts from Montgomery and Prince Georges County units.

One firefighter from Company 15 suffered burns to the face and was transported to Med Star Burn Center in Washington D.C. by Ambulance 715 for a precautionary checkup.


Engine Companies: 841, 715, 712, 724, 716, 718, 702, 719 and 701


Truck Companies: 715, 724, 716, 831 and 812


Rescue Squads: 715 and 814


EMS units: Medic 715 and 712 Ambulance 715 and 841


Air 716, Canteen 705, MAB 726


Duty Operations Chief 700 (McCarty)


Safety 700 (Keller)  


Battalion Chiefs: 701 (Carrigan), 704 (Richards), 702 (Fitch), 703 (Hinkle), 886, PG Northern Division Chief, Chief 814, Chief 812, Chief 831




Story by Matt Miles






Friday, November 22, 2013 1230 This afternoon at around 1230 hrs, Montgomery County ECC alerted units to a house on fire at 1313 Winding Waye Lane in the Glenmont section of the county.  Co 18 arrived quickly reporting smoke showing and the RID was requested.  Units found a basement fire with limited access.  Units made quick work of the fire and had extensive overhaul operations.  Units remained on the scene for several hours.  One occupant was treated and transported with smoke inhalation.

Unit Rundown: PE718 PE721 PE724 E705 PE725 AT718 AT724 T725 RS742 RS715 M742C M725 M704 BC704 BC701

Battalion Chief Polikoff (BC704) was doin' it with the Command!

Story and photos by Tim Knepp





Monday, September 2, 2013  Enjoy a photo spread of everyone from RC33............





Picture # 1

Picture # 1

Wednesday, August 14, 2013  On a recent tour of a type V lightweight constructed town home with Capt DeVries (26 years experience) of the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services I decided to take advantage of his 30 years hands on experience of building houses from start to finish. This is a simple photo and explanation breakdown of the different components of current lightweight construction. We have seen tons of articles on how they are dangerous and to be aware but rarely do you see a basic breakdown to show the parts and pieces that give it the title “lightweight type V construction”.
Picture # 1 – Party Wall, this is a fire wall that separates the residents of the row.
Picture # 2 - TJI – Pre-Fab floor joist that is already a weak link to a floor. This TJI is weakened further with HVAC ducts put in by the “tin-beater”
Picture # 3 – TJI Pre-fab floor joist = ½ inch OSB as the webbing between two 3” lengths that are held together by glue only.
Picture # 4 – Party Wall, fire wall that separates units in a row.
Picture # 5 – Lam Beam, structural support made with multiple layers glued together.
Picture # 6 – A fire stop around a HVAC unit.
Picture # 7 – Header, distributes weight around the window. A window with this support can be made into one big hold for PT removal.
Picture # 8 – Party Wall with large voids above the sprinklers
Picture # 9 – Great shot of gang plates or gusset plates.
Picture # 10 – VOIDS
Picture # 11 – A seven and twelve pitch roof
Picture # 12 - Even though most new construction is sprinklered be aware fire can travel the exterior of the structure and burn into the attic through the sophet space. This can put the fire above the sprinklers in the large attic spaces to free burn! Keep this in mind for all brush fires against the buildings and check the attic spaces! 
"Expect the Unexpected" and KNOW YOUR FIRST DUE! 


Picture # 2

Picture # 2

Picture # 3

Picture # 3




Tuesday, April 30, 2013 

MCFRS is planning to accept applications between May 1st and May 17th, 2013, for the position of Firefighter/Rescuer I (Recruit). To have their applications considered, an individual must be 17½ at the time of application, a US Citizen or permanent resident, possess a High School diploma or GED, and have a valid drivers’ license (non-provisional).

Applicants who meet the minimum requirements will be invited to take the written examination, which is tentatively scheduled for June 6th and 7th, 2013. Shortly after the job announcement closes, applicants will be notified via email of their exam date. Applicants will also be provided with instructions on how to access a study guide and the required background packet.

All applicants are required to present copies of specific documentation (drivers’ license, birth certificate, diplomas, proof of residency, social security card, etc.) on the day of the written exam, and must present originals of the same documentation if selected for a background review. If they do not have this documentation, they should request replacements now, as they will not be permitted to take the written exam without that documentation.

The hiring process includes a written exam, oral interview, background review, medical exam, and the CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test). Applications will be accepted only online at www.montgomerycountymd.gov - click on Careers/Jobs.

A 55 person Recruit Class is planned for January 2014, pending Montgomery County Council approval. Additional Recruit Classes may also be added.





Saturday, December 22, 2012  Tonight at 1733 units from the 3rd Battalion were dispatched to 8617 Camille Drive in 33's first due for a house fire with people trapped. Engine 733 arrived to find a well involved attached garage and reports of people running in and out of the house. First in units made an aggressive attack on the fire keeping the bulk confined to the area of origin. Searches were proved negative and no civilian injuries were reported.

Engines 733, 726, 723, 710, 730, 705, 750 and 711

Trucks 710, 723, 751

Rescues 3 and 1






Saturday, December 22, 2012  Tonight at 2117 hours units from the First Battalion were dispatched to 15216 Rockport Drive in 24’s first due for a house fire. Additional information from ECC advised that it sounded like a working fire and people were running in and out of the house. E-724 arrived to find a large two story single family with fire from the Charlie side. Further investigation found it to be a chimney with fire with extension throughout the house. Command then dropped the Taskforce bringing additional manpower to the scene. First in units quickly knocked the bulk of the visible fire while the Truck Companies opened up the walls to expose the fire running the walls. Units were out a few hours with overhaul and salvage

Engines 724, 725, 715, 718, 704

Trucks 715, 725 and 718

Rescue 2





Friday, December 21, 2012  Today around 1845 units from the 4th Battalion were hit out for the box assignment at 3028 Bel Pre Road in 25's first due. Units arrived with a working fire, shortly after a Taskforce was struck bringing in additional manpower. No other info available.





Friday, December 21, 2012 

Today at 0734 hours units from the 4th and 1st Battalions were dispatched to 11151 Veirs Mill Rd for a reported basement fire in a commercial structure. Units arrived to find a working basement fire in a vacant music store. After getting a knock crews were out several hours with overhaul.

Engines 718, 705, 719, 721 and 754

Trucks 718, 719 and 716

Rescues 2 and 1




Thursday, December 20, 2012  At approximately 2200 hours on December 20th, Company 15 units were alerted to 11400 Cherry Hill Rd (Co. 12s area) for the report of fire from the roof. T715 arrived first reporting fire showing from the roof of the 3 story garden apartment building and correcting the address to 11406 Cherry Hill Rd. T715 laddered the building and began opening for the engine company while RS715 performed a primary search of the building and controlled utilities before assisting T715 with roof operations while PE715 stood by on the 3rd floor. 





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