Central PA Bravest



Saturday, June 23, 2012 As you know, this week marked National Fire & EMS safety, health, and survival
week so I was curious if any agencies really did much to actively participate.
It was great to hear from a few agencies that had actually stepped up and done a
few things for their personnel. I can't say for sure if it was directly related
to the significance of this week or not but several members of Rohrerstown Fire
Co. in Lancaster County decided to make great use of the mezzanine area of their
station to construct a great firefighter survival prop. The prop features two
windows that can be used for members to practices rope slide bail outs using the
basic halligan in the corner technique as well as dropping the tool along the
window frame technique and also allows for training with bailout systems. The
prop is also used for multiple ground ladder evolutions including practicing
basic ladder placement, ladder bailouts, victim removal, and VES skills.

Members took great care to add safety features to the prop such as high point
anchors and various fall protection and belay systems. Hats off for making great
use of space right in the station and for taking survival training so seriously.
By practicing these skills time and time again, they start to become memory and
second nature should that moment of truth arrive.

Pictures and Story by Staff Correspondent Jason Greer