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Monday, April 30, 2012 Right around shift change Box 19-02 was dropped for the house fire in the 1700 block of Lansdowne Way. Company 19 arrived on scene of a 1-story single family dwelling with smoke showing. Upon conducting a 360 of the house fire began venting from a side Charlie window. Engine 719 entered and found 2 rooms off in the back placing a quick knock on it. Within 15 minutes Battalion 701 held 2 engines and 2 trucks to assist investigators and complete overhaul.

1st: PE719, E754, PE701, PE716, E705, AT719, T716, RS742, A701, BC701, BC702

RID: AT705*, RS741, M701

*AT705 Failed to respond and was replaced with AT718 on the RID

Pictures Courtesy of Federal Fire Station 54's website: http://www.iaff151.com/news/fullstory/newsid/162093