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Friday, April 27, 2012 Injured Firefighter Update:

While operating on the Rescue Co. Fireman Peters sustained 2nd degree burns to
his wrist, calf and foot area. With initial reports of people trapped and while
lines were being stretched, Peters initiated a search ahead of the hose line in
high heat zero visibility conditions. As searches were proving negative with all
occupants accounted for, Peters began assisting in suppression efforts by
knocking the fire. Once the bulk of the fire was knocked, he communicated his
progress to Command. At which point, while he moved towards the "Alpha" side to
ventilate his right leg fell through the floor. He immediately attempted self
rescue when he fell further into the compromised floor. He eventually lost his
boot and immediately yelled to his crew a MAYDAY; due to his position as he held
himself from falling, he was unable to reach his remote mic in order to transmit
a MAYDAY. While working closely to him, his crew (FF Splain, FF Odoms, FF Kyle
Fritz, FF S Montgomery) was able to quickly remove him and request EMS to the
front door.

Peters was initially transported to Lancaster General then, transferred to
Chester-Crozer Burn Unit. He currently remains at the Burn Unit for care and
treatment of his injuries. Fireman Peters, although in discomfort remains in
great spirits. He is welcoming visitors....

This was a well managed "job". His training allowed him to remember the
importance of the MAYDAY. In addition, working close to his partners proved that
communication is a must during fire ground operations. I'd like everyone to keep
Austin, Co. 804 and everyone involved in your thoughts. We shall "hold" this
Alarm as busy until we bring Fireman Peters home. Get well "Son", you did

Story Courtesy of Correspondent Tim Finegan