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Thursday, March 22, 2012 Tue, Mar 13th, 2012 9:21:00 pm Through our Peer Fitness Program and following LODD reports we get a good understanding of the causes of firefighter fatalities. With our Peer Fitness Trainers we receive individual assessments yearly and provided plenty of workouts to keep fit while on duty.

As with any good fireman we keep up on what the "Jones" are doing and as of late we have been following members of the Colonial Park Fire Company, Dauphin Co. Company 33 and Rohrerstown Fire Company, Lancaster Co. Company 67 who have both been featured on Matt Miles's website.

Tower Ladder 69's crew participated in today's program which consisted of the following:

10 Jumping Jacks

Highrise Pack up 2 Flights of Stairs

Haul 50' Section of 3" up 2 Flights/Lower

Bring the Highrise Pack Down Steps

10 Push-ups

Dummy Drag

Ladder "Dance" Extension Ladder (High Shoulder Throw, Extend, Lower, Pivot, High Shoulder, Back to Starting Position)

Ladder "Dance" Roof Ladder

Mental Challenge - Tie a 6' Hook and Halligan for a Roof Haul.










 Doug "the Animal" Stein, did 2 laps!!