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Friday, December 2, 2011 We all hear about “Back to Basics” training and its importance or lack there of. Today we are taking Engine Company 33 (Colonial Park) out for some “back to basics” in real life. How many times have we all been to HACC or the parking lot of the firehouse stretchin’ lines? Too many is the correct answer, let’s go out in the first due and move handlines around cars up stair wells and get to know which buildings have unusual set backs that require longer then normal lines.


There are a few rules that go along with this that I try and follow

  • Don’t wear full PPE we don’t want people bailing out of there garden apartment complex thinking it’s on fire.
  • Be patient and understanding if your approached by a tenant and don’t forget your at there house.
  • I understand you might put a hose over someone’s car when the unit is rockin’ out, but its not now so DON’T.
  • Don’t run full bore because people will think there is an emergency, our purpose here isn’t speed it’s to get you used to actual obstacles, real stairwells and reading real life distances and depth perception practice.

With that being said here are a few images of today’s training and while the Engine Company was out a cardiac arrest went out on the same street a few blocks down. Engine 33 arrived with local Medics and the PD to find a 26 YOM in full arrest. Before the PT was transported to a local ER the PT had pulses. On arrival at the ER the PT had good pulses and a good blood pressure. Get out in the First Due because you just never know what you will find or the difference you could make!


“Expect the Unexpected” and “Train in Real Life”


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Pictures and Story by Staff Correspondent Matt Miles


 Make access long and inconveinant!

 Practice extending the line with your
      high rise packs!

 Maneuver around cars landings and other
      real obstacles. "Train in Real Life"

 Manage hose in real hallways "Train in
      Real Life"




 Make sure your lines are long enough to
      reach the top floor and still have
      enough for the furthest point of the

 Be quiet and courteous when inside



 Make sure you check all kink points
      including cars

 If any doubt run the high rise pack as
      well, if you dont use it you can just
      put it back on and its ready!





 Connect and GO!

 It's easier to carry the pack and add
      then running back to the engine!

 If you don't have interior access lay
      out your line to see if you have


 Get out in the first due and train you
      might just make a difference! 26 YOM in
      arrest on the same street as Engine 33