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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weather you run 50 or 15,000 calls a year, your first due is rural, suburbs or city, a fire is still a fire. Knowing your first due can make a difference on being out for a few hours or watching the sun come up with master streams flowing! Have you ever come up short on that first line and said “wow it didn’t look that deep” or “wow, glad that wasn’t an actual fire”. We have all been there and we all have the ability to be proactive and change that to “good job guys, we kicked ass tonight”!

 So instead of watching Superbad with the Live-Ins for tenth time or for your next company training, load up the Engine Company and head out. Pick a local target hazard or that garden apartment that appears to have a set back and stretch some lines. Be ready to answer questions from the residents wondering if their building is on fire and inform them of what you’re doing. Most are happy to see the fire department out in the community and a few won’t, so just “be nice” and explain the scenario again.

 Attached are a few pictures of a daylight crew at the Progress Fire Company just outside Harrisburg City limits in Dauphin County, PA. We picked an apartment complex that was known to have set backs and units with limited access that require long lines. We found that the standard 200’ cross lay was rendered useless and the 300’ rear pre-connect was the ticket! We also found a building with 2 story’s in the front and five in the rear. This same unit also has sliding glass doors with no porches which could pose a fall hazard to a firefighter trying to find refuge or simply take a break in some fresh air.

 Getting out in the first due also gives you a chance to see new building construction or renovations to existing structures. Another interesting find in the first due of Progress is two dollar stores on either side of the same road. Making the correct right or left can be the difference in a life or the 2nd due Engine Company taking the first due assignment!

 Pictures and Story by Matt Miles

 Progress Live-Ins stretching the 300'

 2 Storys side A, 5 storys on the Bravo,
      Charlie and Delta! KNOW YOUR FIRST DUE!





 Sliding glass doors with no porches and
      five storys to the rear with two on side



 First due restraunt with

 Void spaces visible just before it was

 Make a right off Union Deposit Road
      heading East on UD

 Make a left off Union Deposit Road
      heading East on UD